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Anyone who automates a management information system understands that installing and maintaining hyperlinks is a tremendously time-consuming, if not impossible, task. Many start with good intentions and courage, but give up after a short time. In this way, the initial end-user benefit, namely user-friendly information, is immediately lost! And management systems that do not manage to link processes and procedures to each other are ultimately not consulted enough - like paper systems! - and thus remain dead letter.


In order to achieve this end-user convenience, WEBISO creates the automatic hyperlinks for you. In addition, the consistency of the links is checked and adjusted after each change and publication. Whether it concerns 10 processes, 100 procedures or 10,000 documents, WEBISO automatically creates the necessary hyperlinks (based on the names and titles of your information).  For example, if the title of a document exists in the body of another document, WEBISO creates an automatic hyperlink to that document.

You can also define aliases (nicknames) to documents, so that those in the texts are also hyperlinked to the underlying information.


The automatic hyperlink function can also be linked to a specific style, allowing you to automatically create for example explanatory glossaries.  As soon as a term is defined once, it is automatically referenced wherever it occurs.

The automatic hyperlinks in WEBISO guarantee that your end users intuitively end up with the information they want to find. And for this end-user convenience, you, the manager, do not have to keep painful lists of what refers to where! With Webiso "page not found" is definitely a thing of the past!

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