Graphical elements

WEBISO supports all kinds of data types: pictures, images, video, sound, flowcharts, graphics, diagrams, ...

Besides the integration goes one step further with MS-Visio and iGrafx FlowCharter: elements in a drawing become sensitive for hyperlinking in WEBISO. This means that a user can click such an element and can navigate to other (textual) parts in the same document or to another document in the manual.

In this way, a process can easily be linked to a background process and/or parts of texts.

NEW: From now on, in addition to the previously implemented output formats (jpg, gif, png), the svg format can also be uploaded in WEBISO from a VISIO flowchart. This means that flow charts are zoomable (via the browser zoom) without loss of quality and that the content of the flowcharts can now also be found via the search engine.

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