In WEBISO all kinds of reports can be requested, such as:


  • report of the permissions by user: this contains a list of all manual- and document permissions as well as the general administrative permissions per selected user (s). The starting point here is the user.

  • report of the permissions per document: this is an overview of the permissions set for one or more selected documents (main and attached). The starting point here is a document.

  • report of documents within a manual that are in a certain status: overviews can be drawn via this report, depending on numerous parameters, such as period, status, etc.

  • report of documents that are currently being edited: this report can be used to retrieve a list of all documents that are currently under edit and, if desired, by whom.

  • report of the reminders: in this report you can search for documents without reminder(s), documents without active reminder(s) and documents with reminder(s).

  • report of the notifications to the end users: this report results in a list of all persons who were informed of changes in official documents (including the communication that was sent on this subject)

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