Technical specifications

WEBISO is a platform independent solution. The solution uses as much as possible your existing infrastructure. Beneath you can find a survey of the supported platforms.

You can choose between 2 ways of implementing WEBISO: an own license on your server within your network or in the cloud on a secure server infrastructure.

Basic system


The basic system can be installed on:

  • On a Linux server;

  • On a Windows server;

  • On ESX infrastructure


Minimum requirements for the server are:

  • Type of server: no specific requirements.

  • Min. 8 GB RAM.


100 GB free disc space for WEBISO. The disc space for the procedures itself will be defined by the growth of the procedures within your organisatieon.

Intranet server

The internet/intranet server is an Apache server; this is bundled into the WEBISO software.


The "browsers" on the PC’s, choice between:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher;

  • Mozilla Firefox;

  • Google Chrome.

Graphical elements

Non-textual objects can also be integrated (such as jpeg, gif, video animations, …). A further integration enabling hyperlinking between non-textual objects and documents is possible with:

  • MS VISIO: supported versions are VISIO 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016;

  • iGrafx FlowCharter of Micrografx from 2003 Professional onwards


This graphical software is only necessary for those who create the non-textual objects, not for those viewing them in the browser.

The database

The database is PostgreSQL and is bundled for free into the WEBISO license. There are no add-on licenses or maintenance costs.

Search engine

The search engine is HTDIG and is bundled for free into the WEBISO license. There are no add-on licenses or maintenance costs.


To integrate your existing e-mail system the SMTP protocol is needed. So all e-mail systems supporting SMTP are valid; e.g. MS Exchange, Unix mail, Lotus Notes,…

Text editor

WEBISO includes an online HTML editor in which users can immediately make changes.

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