WEBISO’s integrated full text search engine enables you to quickly locate documents relating to a specific subject.

Search engine
Automatische hyperlinks

WEBISO automatically generates hyperlinks between the documents within a manual.

Automatic hyperlinks
Grafische elementen

Parts of graphical elements can refer to underlying details (text or graphic).

Integration with graphical elements

An overview of the different versions is available for each document. This history also details the author, the date of modification, the comments and the actions taken.

Version management

In WEBISO all kinds of reports & statistics can be requested.

Template gestuurd

Document templates to fix the layout of your documents.

Manual templates to shape the look & feel of the intranet output.

Template driven

Colors show which texts have been deleted (red barred) and have been added (green) compared to the previous version.

Visualisation of delta's
Integratie met mailsysteem

Upon request for approval for a specific document, WEBISO automatically sends an e-mail to the approvers concerned.

Integration with e-mailsystem

From the main documents in WEBISO, hyperlinks can be added towards fill-in forms or towards other files and/or applications.

External hyperlinks

Adding reminders will prevent certain documents from remaining unchanged over time.


WEBISO will publish from the source files to different outputs.

Multiple output

A QR code is generated automatically per each document. This code can be printed and fixed to a device, on apparatures, on objects,... Just scanning this code will guide you automatically to the newest update of the related document.

QR-code per document

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