This integration makes the management and use of passwords more (end)user friendly. WEBISO will use the information of the users defined in the Active Directory or LDAP (Leightweight Directory Access Protocol) server.

LDAP & Active Directory

WEBISO is a multi-lingual application which provides an interface in the reader’s preferred language. 

  • statistics about the read behavior

  • statistics about the search behavior

Read- and search statistics

The PWM module in WEBISO gives the user the possibility to retrieve his username and/or password again, if he/she has forgotten it.

PWM module

The offline publication generates a ZIP file that can be downloaded on a local PC or on a DVD/USB, so that the publication (including search engine) can also be used without a connection to the internet / intranet.

Offline publicatie

There are two options for importing existing documents into WEBISO. Either you can do this yourself, or Ockham can take care of the document conversion. All document types and formats can be imported into WEBISO.

Document conversion

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